How to Become a Member

1. Business membership: Any pest control firm or organization which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors is in sympathy with the purposes of the NSPCA, shall be eligible for Active Membership provided said pest control firm or organization fulfills the following:
          A) The applicant must satisfy the Membership Committee as to the responsibility of the firm and as to his/her personal character and responsibility.
          B) The applicant must be licensed to perform pest control by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.
 2. Allied/Associate Membership:  Any person, firm or corporation not engaged in pest control service, that manufactures or supplies products, equipment, and/or other materials or services to the industry shall be eligible for Allied Membership.
1. Employment Referral Service
2. Group Health Insurance
3. Group Disability Insurance
4. Group Life Insurance
5. Area Meetings
6. Credit Card Program
7. Business Forms
Trade Support & Help
1. Members problem solving (mail and phone)
2. Trade Involvement and Surveys
3. Public Education about trade
4. Media contact and education
5. Coordination of other organizations: State and National
6. Plaque – membership display
1. Workshops and seminars
2. Trade Information Clearinghouse: Books, Forms, Brochures and Videos
Government — Legislative
1. Legislative lobbying favorable to trade
2. Government coordination and monitoring – State and National
Committees — Organizations
1. Board of Directors
2. Education/Safety Committee
3. Convention Committee
4. Legislative Committee
5. Membership Committee
1. Newsletter (yearly subscription)
2. Problems — Crisis Bulletins
3. Listing on the association website

1. Annual Convention
A. February 13-14, 2018
The Cornhusker Marriott Hotel
333 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE
2. Area Meetings Across the State