The Distinguished Service Awards for 2017 and 2018 were given out at the 2018 Urban Pest Management Conference to Dr. Shripat Kamble and Clyde Ogg. Dr. Kamble was out of the country last year and unable to be at the conference to receive his award, so the association wanted to honor him with his 2017 award this year and also to honor Clyde Ogg with the 2018 award.

Thank you to Dr. Kamble for your years of service working on the Urban Pest Management Conference and also to Clyde Ogg for his tireless efforts during the transition from Dr. Kamble’s retirement.

Clyde Ogg, Dr. Shripat Kamble, Dr. Bob Davis and Tim Husen









Clyde Ogg receives his Distinguished Service Award from Nebraska State Pest Control Association President Travis Lucas